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You will access our oil analysis with the top 5 energy actions.


You will access macroeconomic updates, fundamental to understand at what point in the economic cycle.
(In collaboration with a former project manager of J.P Morgan)


The selection of the best uranium actions ever mentioned before ready to ride the explosive


Some of the most frequently asked questions, followed by their answers.

What performance can you expect?

THERE IS NO GUARANTEED PERFORMANCE, however we prefer stocks with significant potential. It is something we are able to do and have already done in the past, for example with Pan Americas Silver, Eldorado Gold, Energy Fuels, Uranium Energy, PDC Energy (and the list goes on) in our public portfolio that have had a yield of approximately 100% in less than a year.

Does it only make sense to those who have a lot of capital to invest?

Obviously our typical client is a person with considerable capital, however he has been reported to us several times by clients who approach the ZoomProfit Club for very pragmatic training purposes who, by reading and analyzing and our reports, are learning our investment method and our approach to the markets, which they defined as having immense educational value.

What does the Platinum package contain?

With the platinum package you can apply to receive private coaching with our team. Since our time is limited and we want to avoid hassle, we will make a very strict selection.

Will it be a model wallet?

Yes, in fact it will focus mainly on single actions. Cash will NOT be considered so that we focus on the highest yielding stocks.

How much will membership prices increase?

After the offer of reopening the prices will be definitively those indicated above.

Will the price increase at renewal?

Absolutely NO, the price will be blocked for all those who will buy now.

If I enter the club, what support can I expect?

Within the platform we have a dedicated chat function with which you can ask any questions and dispel any doubts. Furthermore, we have an office and a very fast customer service (reachable via email, chat and telephone number) if you have technical problems.

Why don’t you make a monthly subscription?

We do not make a monthly subscription as it is impossible to assess the quality of the service in a few weeks (given that the time horizon of our strategies is 2-5 years) and it would be a risk for the same people who enter.

What is the basis of the choice of actions?

ZoomProfit's investment process revolves around three key elements:
- Macroeconomic issues and global megatrends;
- Systematic equity models oriented to value and proprietary macroeconomics, to develop our investment themes and select the best stocks to exploit them;
- Hedging and diversification to spread risk without sacrificing return targets.

If I purchase the Basic version, will I be able to simply integrate the difference to receive the Gold or Platinum version?

You can simply integrate the difference for the gold membership, thus gaining full access to the platform.
While, on the other hand, it will not be possible to integrate the difference for the Platinum version, as coaching is accepted only after the application and payment is not a sufficient condition.

Can I cancel my membership after one year?

Absolutely yes, by sending an email to info@zoomprofit.it 10 days before the renewal. If the payment is made by bank transfer or PayPal (and not by credit card), the renewal is not automatic.

Do you need a special broker?

We are not affiliated with any broker and do not recommend any broker. The shares object of our research in the basic service are often negotiable on classic home banking, while those within the other rooms are sometimes negotiable exclusively on DeGiro and Interactive Brokers or by calling your bank.

Is it possible to receive the invoice for my purchase?

Yes, it is possible to receive an invoice. In the event of such a need, simply ask the customer service through the appropriate chat or by sending an email to info@zoomprofit.it

How are the reports structured?

You can download samples CLICK HERE

Goldman Sachs is on our side...

Commodities and commodity-related stocks are historically unattractive. However, the situation has started to change in the past few months. Copper prices, iron prices and industrial commodity prices are climbing to new multi-year highs, 
eclipsing their 2016 highs.
Goldman Sachs is now on board and now sees a new century-old commodity bull market that will outpace the 2000-2008 commodity bull market. Our members are already taking advantage of it.
The past decade has been characterized by three centuries-old investment trends:
First, growth investments have surprisingly high value investments.
Second, passive investment flows took market share away from active investment flows, as shown in this image.
Third, commodities and commodity-related stocks have been sold sharply relative to traditional assets such as stocks, bonds and real estate.
Raw materials on minimum since 1970
In short, it was a disinflationary investment environment.
High-cap leaders such as the FAANG quintet of Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Alphabet performed exceptionally. Relatively tight market leadership has been exacerbated by the underperformance of emerging market growth relative to expectations, led by China, which dates back to 2011. In 2020, however, China is leading global economic growth, surprising to the upside of expectations. This positive growth in demand compared to expectations has awakened the commodity market, signaling a new context of reflation and inflation.
We are determined to take advantage of this through our placements in the best raw material producers.

Goldman Sachs is also on board, with Jeffrey Currie, who said on December 8, 2020 that the world is entering a long-term bull market for commodities. Most investors are not positioned for this impending reality, even though the transition is already underway, as we have already written to our members several times.
The good news is that we are at the beginning of this transition process, and there is still time to reposition their portfolios and take advantage of the winners of the next decade, which we deal with within the club.

Prices of industrial raw materials and producers are reaching new highs
If you are not a commodity investor, the following charts may change your mind.
First, copper prices are now firmly above their 2016 highs.

This has led to huge year-to-date price hikes in major copper-related stocks, with Freeport-McMoRan stocks up 87.4% year to date as of this writing, as we predicted in July.
Subsequently, iron prices have risen above 2016 levels and are even higher than the highs of 2013.

Strength in iron prices drove shares of BHP Group, Rio Tinto and Companhia Vale do Rio Doce SA to gains of 26.9%, 37.2%, and 29.4%, respectively. These companies are outperforming the S&P 500, which gained 16.6% year to date at the time of writing.


Steel prices have also risen sharply since the start of the year in 2020 and are now even above their 2016 highs.

Shares of Nucor, Steel Dynamics, Cleveland-Cliffs and US Steel were up 2.9%, 15.2%, 63.6% and 58.4% year to date.
Overall, base metals outperformed in 2020.

However, there are some small producers leveraging the price of the underlying that could do even better, and our members are already ready to ride the incredible price hike.

Capital cycle

Manufacturing activity


Watch the dollar and think differently about the construction of the portfolio

Looking at the chart, the SPDR S&P Metals & Mining ETF (XME), which is made up of steel-related stocks, is up 130.5% since March 23, 2020. Energy stocks have risen, with SPDR S&P Oil & Gas Exploration & Production ETF (XOP) now up 90.5% from March 23, 2020. Precious metals stocks, as measured by the VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF (GDX) are now up 72.9% from lows market. At the bottom of the performance list is the SPDR S&P 500 ETF, which has grown 63.4% since March 23, 2020, which in turn represents a notable recovery, but clearly inflationary, commodity-driven assets are largely outperforming the market.

Raw materials and yields: what correlation?

For a long time, having exposure to commodities in a diversified portfolio has lowered returns.
Ironically, this is how it should work as commodity stocks are not historically related to the market.
This is ideal for members who want to be independent of negative market downturns.
Part of the recent strength in commodity prices can be attributed to the recent weakness in the US dollar index, which you can see in the image on the left.

With commodity stocks still extremely undervalued, even after their rally in recent months, the time to diversify in this sector is still possible for you who are not yet a member, at least in our opinion, and also according to Goldman Sachs.

The ten-year rise of gold has just begun

The end of the gold standard

This event occurred in 1971 and had an impact as strong as the Fed's recent Unlimited Quantitative Easing policy. At the time, it triggered a frenzied 10-year bull market for gold. This time around, we probably have even stronger macro drivers for precious metals
As shown in the graph on the left, we have seen a clear trend towards a structural increase in the government deficit.

Return on S&P500 profits

The real earnings yield of the S&P 500 is at its lowest level in a decade. Among other things, the previous lows were also periods in which gold outperformed the shares.
In the early 2000s, for example, the gold / S&P 500 ratio increased 120% in 3 years.
The difference this time around is that stocks have never been so overvalued at the same time that the outlook for economic growth is so pessimistic.

The debt facing the US government is drastic. From a funding standpoint, 71% of all treasury bills issued in the past year will mature in less than 12 months, resulting in outstanding treasury bills rising to $ 5 trillion! A similar situation occurred in 2008-2009. A big difference this time around is the fact that outstanding Treasury bills amount to $ 3.3 trillion dollars higher than their cash balance.
The average maturity of the public debt therefore dropped dramatically to 64 months. As a result, there is a tsunami of $ 8.5 trillion in treasury bonds that will mature by the end of 2021 guaranteeing astronomical levels of money printing in the short term. All of this is extremely good for our members, who are already positioned.

Gold skeptics often argue that real yields cannot go any lower than where they are now. This is often due to the fact that we look at the TIPS (inflation-indexed treasury bills) market that was born in 1997.
Therefore, some investors assume that interest rates, which they consider inflation expectations, have never been lower.
Questo, sfortunatamente, non include uno dei periodi più simili alla configurazione odierna, il decennio degli anni '70. Allora, i rendimenti a 10 anni meno l’inflazione hanno raggiunto un minimo di circa il -4,9%. Quei periodi di tassi di interesse reali negativi e in calo hanno creato due dei più grandi rialzi nelle azioni minerarie di oro, argento e metalli preziosi nella storia dell’umanità.  
To date, companies and governments are historically indebted and cannot accept higher nominal yields, thus ensuring that strong monetary stimulus is bound to remain to drive real yields down, just as Powell promised.
We strongly believe this continues to be a great time to buy gold. And when we say gold, "we also include the best gold and silver mining stocks we select for our members.

The recent contraction in net exports strongly suggests that a new and profound collapse of the current account is underway. The twin US deficit is on track to reach over 25% of nominal GDP which is expected to soon become the worst level ever reported.

Fortunately, the severity of these long-standing macro imbalances helps set the stage for an incredibly optimistic outlook for precious metals, particularly relative to equity markets.

In the graph below, we can see a clear relationship between the twin deficit (reversed) and the gold / S&P 500 ratio.
Let us not forget that this time the policy makers are also fighting "deflation" tooth and nail. The necessary expansion of the monetary base to suppress interest rates and thus create a negative and falling real interest environment should serve as a major windfall for the gold / S&P 500 ratio to continue to rise.

By the end of 2021, $ 8.5 trillion worth of US Treasuries will accrue and, under current macro conditions, the US government will have no choice but to roll over its debt obligations. Let us elaborate.
Foreign investors now own the lowest percentage of US government bonds outstanding in the past 20 years. Historically, they have financed over 50% of all negotiable Treasury bonds. Today that number has dropped to 35%. The Federal Reserve, meanwhile, has increasingly become the buyer of last resort.
It now owns 22% of all tradable Treasuries. This convergence of ownership is particularly dangerous and appears irreversible. Given the current record public debt relative to GDP, high unemployment and large budget deficit, we expect the Fed to monetize public debt burdens at the highest rate ever recorded, now through 2021.
We reiterate that Over-indebtedness and the need for further monetary expansion is a global phenomenon that we believe will lead to the destruction of the value of all fiat currencies against gold, not just the US dollar, and those unprepared will face large losses.

Policy makers are effectively hampered. Reliance on extreme monetary policies to maintain financial market stability has become a key part of any central bank mandate.
What is perplexing, however, is the fact that asset prices have never been so detached from underlying fundamentals. US households now have assets of more than 6 times today's GDP, a number far greater than any other Fed-induced asset bubble.
The excesses of today are anything but low behavior of the business cycle. Meanwhile, the economy is already in recession. As we have seen throughout history, the process of moving away from extreme asset valuations leads to real damage in the economy at large. Asset bubbles always burst. There is an economic cycle and it is intertwined with asset prices. There will be a showdown. Our subscribers are certainly ready for the paradigm shift in the next decade. 
We are sure you will be one of us.

How's the wallet doing?

The image alongside shows the performances of our service dedicated to uranium (launched on 12 October).
One of the biggest challenges we encounter when explaining how the commodities sector works is that people simply don't believe how such gains can be possible.
This initial disbelief makes them reluctant to even take the
subject who talks about it seriously.
We don't blame investors for their disbelief. We probably think we would do the same thing if we were new to the industry. Huge gains sometimes come in so fast that they may seem absurd. We believe the best way to show what can happen if you have the right approach is to show a real example.
You may find it hard to believe that such stories actually happened. But we assure you that they are 100% real. 
For this we invite you to join us.
Billed annually, ONLY € 2.73 /day
  • OIL
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Billed annually
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